Vintage Slot Car - Vanquish MG McLaren M8D

  • $69.95

A great looking car for the short lived 2002-2004 Vanquish MG company which was started by former employees of Fly with their first catalogue produced during 2002, although the initial models did not appear till early 2003. By late 2004 the firm had disappeared but produced 37 different cars in that period.

Even though they marketed the car as 1/32 scale this car is more a 1/28th scale so running it on a 1/24 track is advised. The detailing of the cockpit and engine is awesome.

This car features the late Paul Newman driving a McLaren M8D Can-Am series.


  • Maker - Vanquish produced in Spain
  • Scale - 1/28th
  • Condition - motor tested, missing mirrors and 1 exhaust pipe other than that great condition