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Using Shopify eCommerce

Indypicker has been selling on the web since 2008. We started as most people do on eBay. As eBay started to make it harder for small vendors to be profitable we then moved to Etsy which has its own ecosystem just as ebay does. In 2013 Etsy really catered to handmade and vintage sellers, but now they have started to chase up the Amazon trail. So we decided to bring up our own website where we have full control of what we post, no more rubber caps needed on the barrel of our cap guns.

After evaluating Big Commerce we decided on Shopify for their feature sets and ease of porting over all of our Etsy inventory. We had the site up in 1 day even creating the banner graphics and logo for the home page. Creating categories for your products will need to be done since your Etsy Sections will not jive with Shopify's Categories. Shopify has a bulk editor that you can use to update your items once you create them. banner

There are numerous free Themes to choose from and ton's of pay for Theme's. We are using the Supply theme which meets our needs. You can change colors, fonts and such in each of the Themes. Should you change themes there will be a little housekeeping making sure the items you currently have installed in your footer/headers are installed in the new Theme.

Payments & shipper options support all the key pay processors and shippers. Etsy is now forcing their payment processing over options such as PayPal or Apple Pay. Shopify has a moderate analytics package that tracks close to what Google Analytics says. Shipping setup is straightforward and easy process and order.

Social Media selling channels are provided for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and are supported by native and 3rd party apps. You can also sell on eBay and Amazon from the Shopify platform.  

Shopify also provides a blog page as well to help with customer messaging and SEO benefits.

Customer service has been very good with quick replies to any question you may have. All in all Indypicker is very happy with the Shopify platform. As for customers finding you on the web you will still have to do your own advertising and SEO work, but the there apps that you can check your SEO with and make suggestions. Being your own website is not like being on Etsy with it's own ecosystem, it won't happen overnight but customers will find you. We have not gone cold turkey as we still run an Etsy shop with limited inventory.

Until next time, Indypicker

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