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How to Identify and Collect Bakelite Jewelry What is Bakelite? Bakelite was created by Belgium Scientist Leo Baekeland in 1907 when trying to develop an alternative for shellac which was used to cover woodwork. The result was not what he had expect, but did give the world a new material to create everything from ladies jewelry to telephone cases and electrical insulators.  The evolution of non-precious material jewelry a.k.a costume jewelry started with Celluloid back in the mid 1800's. Celluloid is highly collectible but has a drawback in that one it's flammable and second it can get diseased. Yes your...

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Collecting costume jewelry from the early 20th century can be fun and can change up any outfit. My wife gets compliments all the time when sporting her collection of Art Deco pins, brooches and bangles. The majority of jewelry today is made in China and is usually copies of pieces from the past.

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There is more and more turmoil brewing with eBay everyday. eCommercebytes blog has weekly headlines with nothing positive to say about what eBay has done to their marketplace.

Let's face it eBay doesn't really care about vintage like they once did, they want to compete with Amazon selling high volume low-cost items from China. A lot of the current Vintage sellers sell products with huge shipping charges attached. And in certain genres don't actually know what they are selling i.e. Bakelite jewelry.

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Collecting Vintage Diecast Vehicles

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Diecasts have been around since the 1940s way before Hot Wheels became popular from makers such as Meccano (Dinky), Dowst brothers (Tootsie). Popularity really took off in 1968 when Mattel launched the Hot Wheels line. I know as a kid I got my first Hot Wheel cars and action track Christmas 1968.

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Welcome to the new location for hosted by Shopify. Indypicker has been selling online since 2008. We also have an Etsy shop for now, but this site houses all our great vintage items we find from the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

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