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How Our Story Began

I started the company with my wife back 2008. We chose the name Indypicker as we are from Indiana a few years before American Picker became a reality show on the history channel.

I have been a collector since the mid 1960s collecting baseball cards and then later radios that my grandfather would give me. My wife and I started going to antique malls and stores right after we got married in Merced California where we were stationed in the United States Air Force. we just did it for fun and there was no cost unless you bought something. Airman in the 1970s didn't make that much money.

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Using Shopify to Create a Vintage Online Shop Blog | Indypicker

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After evaluating Big Commerce we decided on Shopify for their feature sets and ease of porting over all our Etsy inventory. We had the site up in 1 day even creating the banner graphics and logo for the home page. Creating categories for your products will need to be done since your Etsy Sections will not jive with Shopify's Categories. Shopify has a bulk editor that you can use to update your items once you create them.

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