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Using Shopify to Create a Vintage Online Shop Blog | Indypicker

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After evaluating Big Commerce we decided on Shopify for their feature sets and ease of porting over all our Etsy inventory. We had the site up in 1 day even creating the banner graphics and logo for the home page. Creating categories for your products will need to be done since your Etsy Sections will not jive with Shopify's Categories. Shopify has a bulk editor that you can use to update your items once you create them.

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There is more and more turmoil brewing with eBay everyday. eCommercebytes blog has weekly headlines with nothing positive to say about what eBay has done to their marketplace.

Let's face it eBay doesn't really care about vintage like they once did, they want to compete with Amazon selling high volume low-cost items from China. A lot of the current Vintage sellers sell products with huge shipping charges attached. And in certain genres don't actually know what they are selling i.e. Bakelite jewelry.

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Moving from Etsy to a Shopify Website - DIY

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Moving Your Etsy Shop to Shopify 

So if you are wondering how hard is it to spread your wings and move from an ecosystem like ETSY to having your very own shop out on the world wide web I will try to share what I did on a cold winter's weekend in February. Yes, I had my shop running in a weekend.

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