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bakelite bangles collectibles jewelry Blog - Re-Picking Our Bakelite Jewelry Over the Years

It's been 12 years since we started and as we just bought some Bakelite bangles this weekend and we thought it would be fun to show everybody some of the picks we had made since 2008.

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bakelite bangles collectibles costume jewelry vintage Blog - How to Identify and Collect Bakelite Jewelry

How to Identify and Collect Bakelite Jewelry What is Bakelite? Bakelite was created by Belgium Scientist Leo Baekeland in 1907 when trying to develop an alternative for shellac which was used to cover woodwork. The result was not what he had expect, but did give the world a new material to create everything from ladies jewelry to telephone cases and electrical insulators.  The evolution of non-precious material jewelry a.k.a costume jewelry started with Celluloid back in the mid 1800's. Celluloid is highly collectible but has a drawback in that one it's flammable and second it can get diseased. Yes your...

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Collecting costume jewelry from the early 20th century can be fun and can change up any outfit. My wife gets compliments all the time when sporting her collection of Art Deco pins, brooches and bangles. The majority of jewelry today is made in China and is usually copies of pieces from the past.

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blog collectibles costume jewelry ladies brooch ladies earrings Store news weiss jewelry Blog - Weiss Jewelry Signature Line Collection

Albert Weiss worked for Coro before starting his own jewelry company in 1942 in New York. The company is known for its rhinestone and enamel pieces made during the 1940s to 1971.

They are known for the clarity of the stones used in that you would think they are precious stones. The jewelry was featured in Vogue magazine. Weiss jewelry is highly collectible. 

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collectibles hanna barbera jonny quest the jetsons Blog - Hanna Barbera Collectibles

Hanna Barbera brings back memories of Prime Time and Saturday morning cartoons. Many of these classic characters are highly collectible and sometimes hard to find. From The Ruff and Ready Show, Huckleberry Hound to The Jetsons and the Sci Fi classic Jonny Quest. All were staples for us kids growing up from the late 1950's through the 1970's. The Cartoon Network brought these great shows to Millennials during the 1990's.

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