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Posted by Mark Holderfield on

New Online Vintage Shop

Welcome to the new location for hosted by Shopify. Indypicker has been selling vintage online since 2008. We also have an Etsy shop for now, but this site houses all our great vintage items we find from the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

With over 6K items sold since our opening you will find a variety of items from antiques to mid century to just vintage including jewelry and watches, coins, toys, Bakelite items, kitchenware, slot cars and model trains, memorabilia and more.

We will also be writing future blog posts discussing not only new items we found, but collectible item identifying and historical information.

We have multiple ways to keep up with our items we pick. Join our newsletter and you will only receive a monthly update or special offers. Get social with us by joining us on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

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  • ?, are you still selling products. getting mixed answers on site being closed for business

    jesse t pina on

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