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Here Are Some of our Bakelite Jewelry Picks Over the Years

It's been 12 years since we started and as we just bought some Bakelite bangles this weekend and we thought it would be fun to show everybody some of the picks we had made since 2008.

Bakelite was created by Leo Bakelend in 1907 while trying to create a new varnish. Bakelite was used for many items such as telephone cases, electrical insulators, radio cases and more, but are going to focus on it's use in costume jewelry.

Bakelite bangles have a unique language of their own. Shapes such as flying saucers, colors such as red cream soda and Mississippi mud marbling, end of day, chunky and more...

bakelite bangle
bakelite bangle
bakelite bangle
bakelite bangle
bakelite bangle
bakelite bangle
bakelite bangle
cherry bakelite
lemon drop bakelite
paprika bakelite
mustard bakelite
bakelite bangle
bakelite fur clip
bakelite brooch
bakelite bangle
bakelite bangles

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