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Vintage Jewelry for Your Wedding

Wedding costs continue to rise with diamond bridal sets pushing 5 figures. While most vintage jewelry rings made of platinum and diamonds will push those figures this post is about what you the bride and possibly your bridesmaids can wear to compliment that beautiful wedding ring.    

Perhaps a nice set of vintage earrings or a necklace. The term costume jewelry is often associated with cheap plastic pieces your aunt Elsie used to wear. But costume jewelry made by designers such as Eisenberg, Albert Wiess, Coro and others who made pieces that rivaled fine jewelry can be bought at a fraction of the price.  

The use of rhodium plated metals to substitute for platinum and fine Austrian crystals to replace diamonds can look the part during that special day. Many Hollywood actresses wore these types back in the 1920-60s instead of fine jewelry that would have cost thousands of dollars.

anita paigeHollywood actress Anita Paige donning some glam jewelry for the 1930s.


Use vintage costume jewelry for you and your party. What a great way for your bridesmaids to remember your special day with a gift of vintage jewelry.  


Lets not forget the guys in the wedding party with a classic pair of cuff links.

weiss art deco choker


Signature Weiss Art Deco period rhodium plated with marquee and tear drop Austrian crystals.




mens cuff links


1950's pair of gentlemen's cuff links gold toned with black and white round crystals.






Vintage also allows you to set a them or be eclectic. Go from Art Deco to Retro to Mid Century.


atomic brooch














Mid Century Atomic burst Sarah Conventry brooch

So if you looking for a great way to change up your wedding go vintage.

Until next time Indy 

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