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Found this key date 1892 CC Morgan silver dollars at a recent estate sale. Even in a VG-8 very good condition is still worth a couple of hundred dollars as a mint state version would fetch up to $9,000.

Why, because only 1.3M were minted that year in Carson City and many could have been destroyed by the Pittman Act of 1918 in which the United States government melted down 270 million silver coins.

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1892 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

Designer was George T Morgan 90% silver 10% copper, 27.73 grams in weight

While Carson City is the most sought after other key date coins are out there from other mints such as San Francisco 1893 worth up to $614,000 and a New Orleans 1896 can be worth up to $182,000 in mint state conditions.

Coin collecting can be shared by generations of family members from grandpa passing to son who passes to son and so on.

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