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Aurora Model Motoring ThunderJet Slot Cars

The Aurora Motoring ThunderJet 500 was and is one the all time classic slot cars of all time. Using the innovative "pancake" motor design to save space in the HO 1/87 body was quite ingenuous.

By making the commutator flat instead of round as in regular slot car can motors were roughly reduced in size by about 90%.   

aurora t-jet chassis manual

In 1963 British American Engineer Derek Brand developed the motor to fit the new line of ThunderJet slot cars replacing the ill-fated vibrator motor.

The line went from 1963 to 1971 when Aurora introduced the AFX line.

The ThunderJet line included current standard cars of the period such as the Ford Galaxy, Thunderbird, to muscle cars with the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro to racing cars like the Ford GT 40, Porsche 904 and Dino Ferrari, to whimsical designs like dune buggies and snowmobiles.

The Aurora Model Motoring ThunderJet is one of the most collectible slot cars in the market today with some reaching into the 3 figure range. just purchased a nice collection including 20+ cars and two dual lane tracks with all the trimmings. Check them out now! we will be adding these offerings to our shop as we get them serviced -- all cars will be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and track tested.

t-jet cobra gt 250

 ThunderJet Cobra GT

t-jet dino ferrari

Dino Ferrari

t-jet mclaren elva

McLaren Eva

These ThunderJets came from a late 60's collection that was the owners personal pieces and had been stored in his basement since he quit racing them. 

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