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Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

So you just found a great Griswald cast iron skillet at a local flea market, the only thing is it has decades of grease caked inside and out.

Not to worry, we are going to walk you through removing that grease build up and re-season your skillet.

Items you will need:

1. 5 gallon bucket [can be picked up at any DIY/hardware store]

2. Heavy duty Rubber gloves and safety goggles [a must]

3. Lye drain cleaner [which can be picked up at hardware store]

4. Heavy duty scrub brush


**Be wearing your rubber gloves and safety goggles**

1. Fill bucket with tap water

2. Slowly pour in a healthy serving of lye drain cleaner

3. Slowly put your skillet into the water and cover the top of the buck with a lid or piece of wood. We don't want pets or children playing in this stuff

Now tell Siri to set a reminder for 3-days or old school write it on a white board or calendar.

After 3-days of soaking now check your skillet, if the lye has done its job your grease will now easily be removed using your scrub brush. If some is still hard to remove put it back in the bucket for another day.

Now you have cleaned all the grease off and your Griswald is nice and clean. Rinse is thoroughly with cold water.

Its now time to season you skillet, we use Flax seed oil, but you can use most types of cooking oils.

Wipe down all surfaces with oil, tun upside down on the middle rack of your oven and bake at 250 deg for half an hour.

Do not use soap to clean your skillet upon seasoning. Water and wipe down, dry with paper towel before storing.  

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  • Thank you for your feed-back. This article was dealing with finding an old cast iron skillet and how to get decades of grease off. You are right daily cleaning is easy, but some people did not do the daily cleaning and this article hopefully addressed that. Enjoy your cast iron. Indy

    Indy on
  • If you think cast-iron skillets are difficult to clean, think again. Three simple steps — rinse, dry, and oil — are easily outweighed by cast iron’s many attributes.

    Hence on

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