Finding Alternative Places to Shop for Vintage

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Alternative Places to Shop for Vintage

There is more and more turmoil brewing with eBay everyday. eCommercebytes blog has weekly headlines with nothing positive to say about what eBay has done to their marketplace.

Let's face it eBay doesn't really care about vintage like they once did, they want to compete with Amazon selling high volume low-cost items from China. A lot of the current vintage sellers sell products with huge shipping charges attached. And in certain genres don't actually know what they are selling i.e. Bakelite jewelry.

Amazon has picked up on the vintage market and are trying to harvest sales away from eBay. Etsy once the darling of the vintage and handmade items is moving towards an eBay type market after the new management was put into place.

Many vendors such as left eBay years ago moving to other marketplaces or creating our own eCommerce shopping site. What shoppers can expect from most of vendors like us is first class support, great vintage items and not having to deal with an entity like an eBay to get something resolved. You are dealing directly with the business owner. It's like going to a Flea Market or Antique Mall online. Each of us will have some unique items based on what part of the country we are located and each vendor will likely specialize in certain genres.

Our shops are easier to navigate than mass searching eBay only to find the item you want is a knock off.

We hope you take the time to visit sites like ours and buy from these small business entrepreneurs.

Junkyard Blonde


Carters Collectibles



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