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Art Deco Costume Jewelry

The Art Deco Period went from 1920 and lasted through the 1930s. It is defined by a symmetric designs in all things from architecture to jewelry. This was post World War I and the ladies fashions had evolved from corsets and long sleeved dresses to no sleeved short flashy dresses “Flappers”.

Fine jewelry of the period used platinum, diamonds and other precious gemstones while costume jewelry used pot metal covered by rhodium to give it the look of silver and provide long wear. Precious stones were replaced with paste rhinestones or fine quality crystals typically from Austria.

Designs covered many genres from ancient Egypt to Indian inspired shapes to almost machine architectural shapes came from the designers.  The average lady could not afford a platinum diamond bracelet, but they could afford a copy created to look like it made of more economical materials.

These copies would be hard to tell unless you were looking up close, so ladies at a dinner party couldn’t tell the difference. Some expensive pieces were replaced by copies so that in case of theft the thief got a piece of costume jewelry and not an expensive platinum diamond piece.

Art Deco saw hair and dress clips, head bands and lots and lots of bracelets.

1920s flapper with head band
1920s Flapper with head band and earrings
actress myrna loy
Actress Myrna Loy with an arm load of bangle bracelets
arty deco hair clip
Art Deco Hair Clip

Here you see the symmetric design of Art Deco on this hair clip above.

Necklace designs

Actress Anita Page circa 1927

Anita Page wearing a glam choker showing off the period in flapper design.

Is it real or a reproduction?

Art Deco platinum diamond necklace worth thousands of dollars.

Diamond Platinum Art Deco Necklace

Art Deco costume jewelry necklace costing around one hundred dollars.

Art Deco Costume Necklace and Bracelet

As you can see hard to tell the part from a distance, but the top one would set you back a few thousand dollars and the bottom one you could get for around a hundred dollars.

We may never see a period like the Art Deco period again. From jewelry to buildings, motorcars, train architecture this period provided the widest reach of all design periods.

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