Coro Costume Jewelry Vintage 1950/60s

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Collecting Coro Signature Costume Jewelry

Coro Jewelry was established in 1901 under brands such as CoroCraft, Coro Duettes and Coro Crown Pins going out of business in 1979. They at one time had the largest costume jewelry plant in the world based in Providence, Rhode Island. The brand Coro was first used in 1943. Coro used hang tags to identify a lot of their pieces usually necklaces. Corocraft brand was used in the UK and Europe. Vendome was another brand used by Coro for high end designs. Many of these were gold plated with diamante' stones and Bakelite beads. vendome ladies choker

Vendome Bakelite Choker

Many of their pieces can be seen being worn on the Mad Men series.

Pieces range from Chain and Beaded Necklaces, Imitation Pearls, Slipper and Belt Buckles, Collar and Cuff Buttons, Shirt-Studs, Bar-Pins, Brooches, Hatpins, Watchchains, Watch-Charms, Finger-Rings, Bracelets, Hair Ornaments, Beads for Necklaces, Vanity-Cases, and Lavallieres, Made of Plated precious Metals such as Sheffield Silver, Sterling Silver, and Gold-Plate on Brass Foundation.

coro read dangle earringsCORO AQUA EARRINGS

Coro screw-back and clip-on earrings.

You can see this type of jewelry on TV series like Mad Men and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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