dime store collectibles

Going to the Dime Store  was a real treat for us kids growing up in the 1950/60's. We didn't have video games in those days we used our imagination. And one of the itemsboys were always attracted to where plastic army men and anything that had to dowith war and the space age. Most figures are 2" tall while Marx and others created 6" versions. These were before GI Joe came along in the mid-60's. Be sure to Check out our latest toys.

These bags full of plastic army men, cowboys and Indians, spacemen provided hours of playtime fun. The big makers were Marx, Tim Mee and MPC. Unfortunately the popularity of these toys declined due to the unpopular Vietnam War in the 1960s as some parents refused to purchase them for their kids. 

Some came with complete action sets usually from Marx.

marx fort apache action set
super action combat set

Most could be found hanging from a peg on a display rack such as these US Army Action Combat Soldiers.

combat action soldier set
marx 6" astronauts

These 6" larger version astronauts were found in a shop in Tennessee.

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