Vintage Glassware How & What to Collect

Collecting vintage glassware from the mid-century period is hot and these pieces can be used for home decor display or to actually be used.What is the mid-century period? Mostly defined as the 1950s-1960s period and emboldened designers to a use everything from abstract to atomic designs brought on by the nuclear and space programs.Abstract designs such as this Pyrex chip and dip bowl from the 1960s.

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pyrex atomic eye bowl
federal glass atomic chip and dip

pyrex atomic eye chip bowl

federal glass atomic chip & dip

Cookie jars are all the rage and Bartlett Collins is king. Bartlett Collins was started in Oklahoma in 1914. Lancaster Colony parent company of Indiana Glass bought Bartlett Collins in the early 1980s. Bartlett Collins is known for its mold blown glass. These cookie jars com in transfer and hand painted enamel. Sellers listing them as Gay Fad are incorrect as Bartlett Collins never used the Gay Fad Studio and had their own in-house painters.

bartlett collins yellow cookie jar
bartlett collins cookie jar

Pieces can be found in antique shops/malls, flea markets, garage sales and online from shops such as ours

You can expect to pay from $10 to $200 plus for these classic pieces.

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